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FBS Reviews

 FBS Broker Reviews

FBS Holdings Inc or also known as FBS Broker was founded in 2009 and has existed in 190 countries. FBS is under the supervision of the regulator IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) Belize (IFSC Number / 60/296 / TS / 14) and CySEC Cyprus (License Number 331/17). This broker has been trusted by 15 million traders and 410 thousand partners from various countries.

According to FBS claims, they get around 7000 new traders and partner accounts every day. No wonder this broker is growing rapidly due to the extraordinary growth in the number of clients. Therefore, FBS is often called the broker of a million people.

FBS is one of the brokers who often win international awards. The awards that have been bagged by FBS include Best Broker in Asia-Pacific Region 2015, Most Transparent Broker Asia 2018, Best Copy Trading Application Global 2018, Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe 2019, and many others.

The services offered by the FBS broker are trading forex, CFDs, precious metals, and global stocks. For forex trading, FBS offers a leverage of up to 1: 3000. As for spread, FBS provides 3 options to suit the trading strategy of each trader, namely floating from 0.2 pips, fixed from 3 pips, and without spread.

Another advantage of FBS that traders should consider is the CopyTrade application provided. This application allows traders to copy trading strategies from professionals. Copy trading will be profitable for novice traders who don't have much time to analyze market conditions.

The advantages of FBS Broker

Ease and Speed ​​of Administration Response

For those of you who are concerned with ease and speed of administrative response, this FBS broker can be a consideration. However, the security of funds and brokerage regulations should be considered further.

Leverage Up to 1: 3000

On Zero Spread and Standard accounts, traders can choose a leverage of up to 1: 3000. High enough leverage gives traders more opportunities to open positions, but also pay attention to your Money Management

Segregated Account

To increase the security of customer funds, FBS also provides segregated accounts, where 70% of funds can be deposited in client banks.

Diverse Educational Content

FBS provides a variety of forex analysis, webinars, forex news and daily market analysis which can be accessed easily on their website

FBS Broker achievements

Since 2009, FBS's role in the forex trading world has been widely recognized by various international institutions. With the number of clients reaching 10 million in October 2018, FBS received the titles of Best IB FX Program, Best Forex Broker, Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia and Best Forex Broker Thailand, Best International Forex Broker and Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016, IB Program Best of 2016, Highly Recommended Broker Insurance Company of the year, Best Forex Brand, Asia 2015, Best Security of Asian Client Funds 2015, Best broker in Asia Pacific 2015, best broker in Middle East, and many others.

Recommendations and suggestions

  • FBS is a broker that is familiar to traders. With a track record of more than 10 years and a number of traders reaching tens of millions, FBS is a trading service provider that is quite calculated.
  • The trading conditions at FBS are very accommodating for beginner traders with minimal capital. The leverage given is up to 1: 3000, with a minimum deposit from 1 USD. This can be done because FBS uses the IFSC Belize regulations to serve its traders.
  • The deposit and withdrawal methods offered by FBS also vary, making it easier for traders to start trading with the "green broker". In addition, FBS also very often holds attractive promotions to no-deposit bonuses, where traders don't need to deposit to trade on a real account.
  • For beginner traders with minimal capital, FBS can be a reference to start learning forex trading. Taking into account the IFSC Belize regulations which are not as strict as the UK FCA or ASIC Australia, it is better if profits are withdrawn periodically and not pile up too much on the account. The withdrawal time ranges from 1 hour to 3 days. If more than that time, FBS provides responsive Customer Service and can serve in many languages.

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